'Slate' patio v Excentr 43

Jon Chrimes

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Some weeks ago we were contacted by landscapers who had laid a 'Slate' patio and they thought they had a problem with grout haze. Every time they cleaned it it looked worse. Took a look ( looked like slate) , tested and got a reaction! Turns out to be Slate effect Black Limestone! Once the owner who supplied the 'Slate' and landscapers had decided who was paying we provided a sample of Acid etching removal. Using Excentr 43 , full weights and Excentr diamond pads system we now have a great job booked, happy landscaper and even happier owner. No one wanted to have to replace. There's actually enough flex in the pad (with sufficient weight on) to get into the nooks and crannies. This machine just keeps giving!! Still work to do but big difference already in the sample area.


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Nevil Cunningham

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Hi Jon nice job. That machine looks superb. Does it spin and oscillate? Looks a big step up from the TM machine. I was considering one at one point but didn't go for it in the end. I went for something different instead.
Are the excentr pads graded in stages from coarse to fine like the TM ones are. Out of interest. How many different pads did you need to use to get them looking as they should.
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Carl Sands

What a superb job! Those machines really are the fantastic. I notice the Titan in the background - how do you find it? We're the UK and Irish Shopvac distributor (they make them).

Jon Chrimes

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That should read " mucky clag "
@Nevil Cunningham
Yes it's a machine that's built to last for sure and its versatility is endless! Not the cheapest thing I've bought but one of the quickest items to have paid back the investment.
It's an oscillating machine that can monster through commercial carpet cleaning and a myriad of hard floor types. Similar machines are available but nothing built like this!
The TM however is still an ever present on the van, quick sample cleans and small domestic jobs mainly.