Small bleach mark on wood

Jon Gardner

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One of our techs left something (not sure what) on a wood floor whilst cleaning the carpet next to it.
It has done this:


Any helpful suggestions on a simple remedy?

Thank you.

Jacob Ward

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Morning jon
A snowy morning in Wales it is....

Was he using spm ?

Possible its attacked the finish coating of the wood.

When you say bleach. Do you mean bleached ?

Now like actual bleach...


Stephen Trollope

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Hi Jon, A furniture restorer might be the person to ask, or 2 new bits of flooring, it might be an easy job, if they can be slid out, depends if they are glued,nailed or clipped.

Jon Gardner

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Thanks, both.

The issue was caused by an unknown substance which darkened the flooring initially. Quite possibly SPM.
We treated some other splashes quite easily, but this one was very stubborn.

We were recommended to use wood bleach, which our tech went out & did a few days ago.
This is how it stands now.

Jake Nash

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Was it an air mover, with a bit of damp under it? If so a buff over with Pledge may do it. If it's laminate or LVT, it may vanish in a couple of weeks.

Same footprint as my 25 year old Prochem blower