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Smoke Smelling Oxford Sofa

Mark Sutcliffe

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Customer has bought a new sofa which has been covered in some wax, really grimy and it smells of smoke (Possibly holding onto the smoke),

what is my best way of cleaning it as my go to leather cleaner hasn't worked.. It's cleaned it lovely, but the smell remains..


Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Hi Mark
I take it you mean a second hand sofa rather than a new one
You need to use Em Clean which is an odour remover - the problem is that cigarette smoke is very invasive and will also have penetrated the interiors
Em Clean can be used on fabric, leather and wood and so can be sprayed on all areas - you may need to do this several times
If the smoke smell is very severe you may need to use ozone to fully eradicate
Hope this helps

Mark Sutcliffe

Cleantalk Member
Nice one, going to relay the news...

she's not going to be happy (not my fault), she bought it as brand new off a local sell site on facebook,