Social distance easy !

Billy Marsh

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I been out and about in homes and all with face marks gloves and being the only one in the kitchen. Good pre checks . It look a littler brighter !
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Paul Dennis

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Had no issues infact when they leave you to it and go to other rooms it speeds the job up as not chatting
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Evan Smith

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Just seen Southend on Anglia News. It was rammed on the beach, no social distancing one family came from Hertfordshire. So how far did all the other people travel. Makes you wonder.:dunno:

Duncan McIver

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Went back to work on Monday and have done ten jobs this week and apart from being tired there were no problems at all.
I didn't wear a mask and wasn't asked to although I have some in my van should I be asked
As John said earlier , I am a lot quicker being left alone so there's no chatting , in and out about 20/30 minutes quicker each job .
Really enjoy being back at work.

Chris Straker

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Ive had a few packs of medical face masks for a while and have some smart black ones for work, to match rubber gloves etc but just ordered one of these ........... just for driving van around and cannot wait to see the looks it attracts :rolleyes:


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Daniel Burt

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What face masks are you all using? (clown mask aside) Toying with the idea of taking on a couple of jobs here and there.