New Solution Carpet Cleaners Spotting Kit

Nick Attwood

Cleantalk Member
Have to say, that looks like one of the best spotting kits on the market! Case etc all looks great! Will be ordering soon.

Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
Nice kit. Nice box. Great presentation:thumbup:

OK, most of us will have all of the products anyway, buying them with the kit though will mean you don't have to replace them so soon.

More importantly, I see me arriving on site to do a regular clean and leaving the spotting kit in the van, just taking in my usual two or three spotting products that I need. So I'll need some of the product containers duplicating anyhow. The new kit will come out for stain removal work.

The new bottles/containers also make sure that you have the correct and up to date labels too.

I see that this kit has a really useful Laminated Spotting Guide.

RTFLSG doesn't quite have the same ring to it:wink:

Safe and happy spotting :smile:

adrian marsh

I disagree Mr Straker. I use the same as yourself. Comes into the house with me whether I intend to use it or not; all part of the "theatre". Nice and easy to clean out when required and the side pockets come in very handy for brushes, clippers, cotton buds etc.

Chris Straker

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I have brushes, tweezers, dentist picks and scoops in there plus microscope & magnifier lens in end pockets always take in with buckets for daily use ....... saves walking back to the van and it's not always on a drive or parked right outside :na:
Still like the Solutions kit & better start saving my pocket money if I want to look all 'CSI' :thumbup: