New Solution Carpet Cleaners Spotting Kit

David McBroom

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Most of the black lights on the market aren't really up to what we need unless you can get the room properly dark. I used to have a battery black light from a CC supplier, but to all intents and purposes it was a snide money detector and total cr*p for finding urine in carpets.

I then bought a pukka 240v jobby and it works a treat, even in only slightly dark rooms. It takes a couple of minutes to warm up and does get very warm in use, actually came very close to scorching a carpet once with it :rolleyes:. I don't know where you can get them now, where I got mine from don't do them anymore. Worth it's weight in gold on urine jobs it is.
Sound like a Billy ConnolIy special Chris,if it's a 240v "Jobby" :lol:

Chris Jenner

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I used to like Billy, particularly 70s & 80s stuff, until he became a bit 'mainstream'. Unfortunately,I do like coarse and vulgar comedians, old school Billy, Jim Davidson, Mike Reid and Kevin Bloody Wilson, who I saw live a few months ago. He was awesome.

Chris Straker

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It is a wisdom imparted to me by John Bolton ........ for getting marks out of a rug fringe, where brushing is not appropriate ....... I also use a wallpaper seam roller :rolleyes:

John Birch

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Hi Nick,
Did you take Xtreme out of the kit and replace with something else? just wondering, cant see extreme in my kit, I have gum it off and resolvit gel they are not on the list of spotter kit items. I suppose the stain break will do coffee, although the instructions are so tiny I need a magnifier to see them, tried glasses but they don't work.
This is not a complaint just a wonder question.

Richard Cole

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John, I didn't have any in my kit either, I think they replaced it with something else, was told the reason but can't remember now. I think you get Gum Off and Resolvit in the kit, although to my mind the spotting kit is not complete without Extreme, I wouldn't be without it. Just buy a 5lt tub and top up the old bottle, it works out much cheaper that way.:smile: