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Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean

Crystal Rinse

Crystal Rinse Encapsulating Acidic Rinse, offers all the benefits of an acidic neutralising rinse plus encapsulation! It's also a soil retardant and anti-corrosive all in one.

Crystal Rinse will help to remove those normally stubborn soils and stains from the fabric during the rinse process whilst also leaving a softer feel to the fabric.

This is our own unique formulation of an integrated blend of specialised encapsulating polymers, it provides a soil retardant to help prevent premature re-soiling, wicking and browning. Crystal Rinse will also allow the carpet fibres to stay cleaner for longer compared to conventional acidic rinses.

  • Neutralising acidic rinse
  • De browning treatment
  • Anti corrosive
  • Built in soil retardant
  • Encapsulation technology
  • Prevents wick back
  • Highly concentrated
Crystal Rinse will also help to maintain your cleaning equipment.

Instructions for use:

For use on upholstery and carpets.

Simply add 30 ml of Crystal Rinse to 10 litres of fresh water in your rinse water tank. Dilution 1:300 to 1:330

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran
Great addition to an excellent range Nick!

Sounds like a must-have product and a dilution rate that makes it really economical.

Jared Long

Cleantalk Member
I've had the opportunity to test this product and its very impressive in the real world.

Sometimes your chosen pre spray can fail to dislodge stubborn marks and spots. What this rinse does is give you some added cleaning power when rinsing. So stubborn spots get pulled out by the rinse.

The polymers within the product give you a brighter finish upon drying over a standard fresh water rinse.

I've tried it on upholstery and a range of carpets including wool and pp and everytime its been excellent so this will be well worth finding a place on your van for it.

Chris i can't see this replacing final phase. It's a differnet product. This can be used as a great day to day product and also for jobs were you might want to add a bit of brightness to a carpet or upholstery post clean

Jared Long

Cleantalk Member
I used the product day to day but i reached for it on those grotty jobs we get where i wanted a little helping hand.

So as it says on the tin really. It reduces wickback and has encapsulating polymers in it. So id use it if i was worried about wickback or some times I use fusion clean post clean as a highlighter on dulled carpets and upholstery to give them some added brightness. So id use it in this situation as my rinse.

Smell wise I dont think its fragranced as such. Nick could answer this for you though

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran

The concentrate has a mild fresh odour but with a dilution rate of 1:333 the in-use fragrance is slight - which is what I like as one persons perfume is anothers' stink!

I only use anything with a strong or lingering odour with the clients approval.

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran
After over 50 years in the trade I am not easily surprised or impressed by a product but today I enjoyed an exception.

The last job was for an 84 year-old customer who had suffered an upset stomach and the resultant discharges were on the bedroom and upper landing carpets. The bedroom had an old light beige polypropylene and the landing a 35 year old Axminster that I had not cleaned for ten years.

The initial treatment of the worst contamination was with Ace, which performed admirably. After a dwell and a rinse of these areas with a hand tool, the entire carpet was treated with Nitro* and rinsed with Crystal Rinse in-tank.

When it came to the landing I was not prepared to use the Nitro on a wool carpet, particularly one of advanced years. On a whim I decided to see what Crystal Rinse unaided could do. Re-cleaning such a small area would not take long so there was little to loose.

Well I was gob-smacked at the result! The colours were restored to vibrancy and the overall result was as good as could be expected from any product.

I am not suggesting that this be used on other carpets without the customary pre-treatment but I was testing the claim that this product offered additional cleaning potential in addition to its other benefits. The test result was a humongous pass with honours!

* Established members will be surprised that I did not adopt my customary first-line of attack in such cases and opt for M-P. The fact is that the stench throughout the house was most unpleasant and of a nature where the fragrance of Nitro would balance by odour-pairing and help stop me from gagging.

Remus R Lungu

Cleantalk Member
Would this work with a LM sistem to clean carpet tiles with wickback/water marks?as it's both acidic and encapsulant?

Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
I very much doubt it Remus, but a great question to raise.

For low moisture encapsulation work, products such as Fusion Clean and Hydro 202 are formulated quite differently to Crystal Rinse. First off, to minimise or prevent the risk of friction burns, especially to polypropylene, they have to be good lubricants. They also need to encapsulate up to 100% of the soluble soils. With a rinse aid such as Crystal Rinse, it only needs to encapsulate any residual soils post-rinse. There are obviously many more technical differences which Nick may, or may not, choose to share as the formulation will be a trade secret.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

Evan Smith

Cleantalk Member
I know how you feel with the gagging reflex John. After nearly fifty years in dry cleaning, but the one that still gets me gagging to the point of throwing up is vomit, either on clothes or carpets. I think in both trades it helps to have a strong stomach.

Kieron Norton

Cleantalk Member
Ken I understand your comment, however, if a customer has a stained mattress for example where final phase would be used initially to help remove Browning, how would crystal rinse compare?

Trying to establish if the two products would need to be carried on the van or if crystal rinse would cover all bases between the two