Spray and leave

Kevin Kirk

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We've just carried out a full deep clean of a gymnastics academy used by the UK gymnastics squad as they're about to re-commence training.
The site manager has asked if we can recommend a product that they can spray on the gym mats (all vinyl coated) at the end of each night to disinfect them and then leave without having to mop/wipe off.
They are using spray/cloth method on the equipment - but to do this to all the matting/flooring throughout would take them hours.

Could you suggest anything that World of Clean stock? @Nick Robertson-Vousden

Jamie Biles

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Def job for soluclear imo. If large area,prob quicker flat mop on (not sure dilution due to 'possible' skin contact but guess unlikely) nearly neutral ph even in concentrated form so guessing diluted good option. Worst case they could run over with flat mop,just water,next morning help build up of product residues long-term.

Ken Wainwright

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Given the nature of their usage and requirements, I would be concerned about any residues left on these vinyl mats. They could become a slip hazard with anything residual, especially when you add moisture (perspiration). Be careful with your advice.