Stained swimming pool tiles

Ryan Walker

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Does anyone have any ideas as to how best attempt at cleaning these swimming pool tiles? I’m still waiting on info about type of tile etc but some of the yellow is from hydrochloric acid/something acid based and also just dirt that it seems to attract. The tiles are a nightmare to clean as we cleaned them years ago when opening but it was a lot of deck scrubbers and rinsing. Tiles are almost like pumus stones so eats up brushes and brush pads of any type


David Ellis

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Hi Ryan,
A few weeks ago I had a similiar situation in a very upmarket spa. that consisted of around the large pool, the steam room. the sauna and two large changing rooms.
The soiling was a mixture of scale, body fat and walked in dirt all mixed with the chlorine.
After several trials with tile cleaners and every type of acidic cleaners the only method that gave a satisfactory result was as follows.

Area no bigger than 3m x 3m at a time.
Mop on undiluted Breaker ( I know it is not a Solutions product )
Scrub with rotary and medium brush.
Flood rinse with a lot of water and suck up.
Spray STS and scrub with rotary and a different medium brush ( first brush is full of Breaker )
Flood rinse and suck up.
Spray Mpower and leave to dry just because I trust Mpower to work on any residue.
They were very happy with the result.
As you can imagine this took a very long time and luckily for me my guesstimate price was ok. for the time it took.
This may or may not work on your tiles but it is something to consider.