Started using google ads month ago now called by.....

Joe Sharpe

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A copmpany saying they were google, but then turned into "we took over google directory"
Saying £60 p/m with starting up fee of £100 (reduced to £50 in January).
Calling me back at 12.30, just wanted to see here if legit as i am sure they call everyone who has started google ads.

Mark Roberts.

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Maybe qualified in adwords but you will also get called by google officially who give out free help (which normally just makes sure your spend goes up)

I'd avoid using both
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Christina Daniel

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Ooh, be careful. When I first started with ad words a dodgy company posing as being legitimately associated with Google kept calling trying to give me 'advice' on my campaign. Then they try an pester you into signing up and getting them to manage your campaign for you. Oh, and don't follow their advice, it is rubbish!

Keep your eyes peeled, there are sharks everywhere the first year you set out in business.