Starter Wfp Kit

John Bolton

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Have a word with Nick. He has supplied a number of start-up packages at a price to beat the competition on like-for-like kit.
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daniel crouch

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Trolley / back pack pole or van mount and pole and then di or r o to make pure water look back in forum for info on all the above .

Poles - gardiner tend to be a favourite slx but any full carbon will always be better than ally or g f .

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Tom

Dan is right, that's a heavy pole but if you are only doing a few at a time that looks a pretty good deal, you could always upgrade the pole etc later on if needed

Best regards

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Harun Hussain

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Them back packs are cheap and go bust after 2 months heavy use... the pump is terrible and the flow controller is cheap and nasty and the battery dies off easy aswell..... I havent bought 2 or 3 backpacks in my time... ive bought over 15 +

Ive tried a lot of backpacks but they never last.

Purefreedom trolley is the one that u want in your locker