Steam on cooker cleaning

Hellen pods

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Hi if anyone use steam as well as a dip tank what sort do you use please I tried a hand held one on a cold Aga yesterday and it helped to heat up the carbon and grease to remove with paste just wondered what others people use

Ricky Noel

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Hi quite funny you mention steam cleaners i have been out of oven cleaning for some time but looking at reopening on my own. I used to use one from a company called vapourtek was based in devon it had a variable adjuster on the nozzle so only hot steam would come out with minimal water i used to put a scourer on the end and go at it, it definitely made life a lot easier at the time although you couldn't wait to step back outside as you would be sweating ha i never did try it on the glass though that be my next project to try.

Duncan McIver

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Sorry Helen , but i cant see a reason why you would need a steamer? Getting the marks off the inside of an Aga lid can be difficult but the top of an Aga is down to your degreaser and blade.

Gabriel Nagy

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Not sure if steam clean will work on very dirty and burned ovens and cookers, never tried but I am sceptic will help a lot. maybe on light dirt yes but not on commecial or burnt ones.

Billy Marsh

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I was talking to a guy ex navy chef used to steam clean the oven on board . Put stuff on them sprayed . He said work a treat . Untill the electrics went. But they had a ships sparky who was angry .