Stone Shower Tray Cleaning

Mark Bartle

New Cleantalker
A customer has sent me the following photo and said they have a stone non-slip shower tray that is badly stained from general use. They have tried a number of different cleaning products and had no success. I have recently bought some STS and wondered what people's thoughts on whether this would be worth trying. Or whether another product would be a better option. Thanks All


Jamie Biles

Cleantalk Member
id be asking few more questions before even contemplating getting involved. how long ago was it installed and what products have they used thus far? the discolouration is far to uniform for my liking and suspect they have damaged the finish on it. it is more likely a resin with a finish over it,doesnt look expensive (the bog standard hair trap leads me to that) you may be surprised with an XR hand pad but without correct pressure and solution/lubrication you could compromise the polished finished (if it has/had one) bearing in mind how much you are expecting to get for your time on this i suspect theres far easier bucks out there.