STS is awesome

Daniel Regan

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Cleaned a kitchen floor the other day using STS for the first time wow what a great product it is. Literally sprayed down. Scrubbed with pro 35 could see the dirt lift from the grout instantly! Rinsed away, dried with dryers & looked brand new. Customer was over the moon. £250 job I honestly could of finished in 20 minutes I had to drag it out lol


Graham fallows

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nice job daniel what brushes did you use on the crb and did you use your machine to rinse out afterwards, by the way ive used sts for many years with jaw dropping results.
but i had one job in a manor house and it wouldnt clean the grout very well callad world of clean for advice they recommended grout blaster and a grout brush, with these two solutions on your van youve got a good chance of cleaning any stone/ hard floor hats off to nick and the team thankyou graham.