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Suede Lederhose

K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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I'm a failure.
Got this pair of Suede Lederhose in to clean.
Very stiff and full of unknown stains, probably food & drinks from Oktoberfest.
Applied the cleaning agent & the mould spores POPPED.
I feel these ones have beaten me.
Any suggestions??


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Daniel Darlow

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Hi Shorty!
Guten Tag!
You wait for hours and zwei comes along!
I had a pair come to me with mould etc, due to the fact they were in an enclosed case, which created its own micro climate. Em Clean did the job with the spores. The client did not want them to be 'cleaned' as they were his grandfathers, but I made them a bit brighter with a delicate foam clean, I have tried many methods on a pair that were trashed and wetting too much is a no no.
Deerskin which these are mostly made of as you will know will absorb all sorts.20180406_171731.jpg
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K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Thanks Daniel for your response.

Unfortunately, time also was against me, as I only had a few days from when they were dropped off to when the bloke wanted them back again.

Not like I was just sitting around waiting for work this time of the year.

Now I want to try & buy a trashed pair so that I can concentrate on them more-so.

I don't take being beaten easily.


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