Sx15 / sx7

Eddie Prudhoe

Cleantalk Member
Just before lockdown i completed a training course for tile and grout cleaning. I’m looking at investing in the hydro force sx15 and sx7. Since work is now picking back up for me. I have had many enquiries about tile and grout cleaning. What are peoples opinions on the tools themselves has anyone used them ? Just would like a few pros and cons please thanks in advance.

Paul White

Cleantalk Member
Bought similar many years ago Eddie. The floor spinner on the end of a TM is the only thing I use for rinsing & high pressure cleaning if needed. Have other hard floor tools that never get used. Rotary & grout brush are probably my only other musts. The smaller tool like the sx7 I have only used a couple of times - there are quicker & easier ways to clean the small areas an sx12 wont get to.