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Take On A Job... Or Not?

Daniel Darlow

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This was a Heads or Tails.
Do I, or do I not?
Colour change from Dark Green to a specific Taupe shade.
Problem being.. lots of touching bits.. recliner, swivel, rotating..arghhh!
Fortunately the seat cushions are going to be the same.
Go for it!
Two weeks in the procedure, and a fantastic result..( the customers comment!)
The colours matched in with the decor as requested.
Airbrushing is an art on its own, which like my new found love of Leather crafting is something which will keep me intrigued for hopefully, many years to come.


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Steven Fletcher

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Daniel...what a job!

I am still just getting into leather. The other half has been on the LTT course and really like it. Came back with the full kit and everything.

Getting some enquiries for restoration as lack of folk in my area carrying it out so probably need to go for it. I pulled out of storage a large leather office chair. Bit of colour loss on the arms and on the side so a good one to practice starting the skills.

Great job again Daniel.
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K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Thank you Master.

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

The good news is, the Ortho's no longer want to replace either of my knees, just carry on doing what I'm doing.

They will then see me in another couple of years.

The boss of the department was blown away when he saw the improvement I had made with both knees. :superman:

I've also been given an ultimatum by She Who Must Be Obeyed.

So it looks like I'll be downing tools for all carpet, mattress & fabric upholstery cleaning by March 2020.

HOWEVER, S.W.M.B.O. has relented and will allow me to carry on doing leather work & carpet spot dyeing ONLY.

With the occasional stain removal. :wink:

That's all for now from up top, down under.

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John Bolton

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Good to hear your knees are improving!

There comes a time when we all have to consider the 'R' word, I have been fighting it for some time now and hope to continue doing so for a few more years.

However I must admit that there are days when I leave home as a 40-year-old and return as a man in his 80's.
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