Tank weight

Kevin Kirk

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Simple question :
Am I right in thinking that if a tank is advertised as “safe to use in van with payload of 550kg” for example - then that’s the weight of the tank when full?
obviously having to allow for driver/ladders/ any other gear etc.

Elfyn Rees

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There are many things to consider.
Weight of the water. 1ltr of water = 1kg - or 400lts of water weighs 400kg
weight of the tank, frame and fixings
weight of all equipment
weight of the driver
weight of the fuel in the van
and I'm sure someone will think of something that I've forgotten.
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Andrew Bines

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Load your van up , all kit you need plus fuel, possibly passenger, apart from tank and go to local scrap yard, they will put van on the weighbridge ( whilst sitting in it) for a beer. Then you know the exact starting point for calculations
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Ken Wainwright

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That's exactly what I did when I van mounted my portable Andrew. Filled my tank with water, my fuel tank with diesel, plus a full load and then got weighed. It's the only way to do it accurately.

Trying to work on theoretical weights from spec sheets doesn't work as you need to also weigh the first aid kit, the ply lining, the mud stuck to the underneath, the toolbox etc. etc. etc.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:
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