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Judy Bass

Cleantalk Team
As many of you may know we are often sent products for testing which we always do fairly and use industry standard methods for accurate results

Sometimes we are surprised by the results but non more so than with a cleaner we were sent this week
The cleaner was being produced and sold by a company as a Professional Leather Cleaner and was being touted by some as the best in the industry.
We carried out our tests but wanted to take this one step further so had it formally tested. It turned out to be nothing more than washing up liquid added to water.

I have 2 issues with this
1. Domestic washing up liquid in its modern formulation contains a lot of salt to get dishes clean but this level of salt is damaging to the finishes on leather
A professional leather care company should know this and should certainly not be selling this to professional cleaners or the general public

2. I hate the idea that people are being duped by a supposedly professional in the industry

Comments welcome
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Florin Titiriga

Cleantalk Regular
A customer will buy anything as long as the label says ''stain removal'' ''leather cleaner '' etc. A customer of mine used vanish or viscose carpet and damaged it by bleaching the carpet. She used it because the label on the vanish said - stain removal for carpet.

Judy Bass

Cleantalk Team
I agree but this was being sold to technicians as a professional leather cleaner as well as the general public
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John Bolton

Cleantalk Team
Shameful and shameless!

I have several times come accross so-called carpet cleaning professionals who sell 'Scotchgard treatment", then spray plain water onto carpets. As in your example the profit margins are big enough to crush the conscience of the unscupulous.

Ian Hare

Veteran Cleantalker
The rule I always adhere to is to never believe what a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer say.
Test, test, test yourself over a fair period, not just a quick one off; then act accordingly in your own interests not theirs.

Apologies to Judy and Nick as you are both included.
However, I’ve not had cause to regret purchase from either of your product ranges.
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Ian Morton

Cleantalk Regular
...Many thanks for taking the trouble to be so thorough in testing the competitor product, Judy, and sharing the results...


...there seems to be a recent proliferation of ‘professional’ leather care products on the market...

‘Caveat emptor’...

Jared Long

Savvy Cleantalker
Would be interesting to see who this was. There isn't that many chemical manufacturers supplying the leather trade so someone obviously has skipped that part and made their own

I've tried numerous products from suppliers ( only to later find out with more in depth knowledge that some products came from one manufacturer to different suppliers but charged differently and in some cases watered down from manufacturers instructions)

I'm currently testing a range of products
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