Updated The Jag 6.6 is back + discounts

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
As most people are getting some work in again it's time for some discounts 🥳

A limited run of Jaguar 6.6's are available, at a heavily discounted price. This version has no auto feeds, it's more of a light version.

SPM - Breeze & lemon on discount

XTREME -tea & coffee remover - all sizes discounted

Fabric 8 - permanent new discounted price. Slightly altered formulation & dilution has allowed Nick to cut the price in half


Graham fallows

Cleantalk Member
hi mark will there be any discounts in the coming months on the cub and on the pro 35 crb im holding back just in case i put an order in thursday night one of the items was 5 liters of fabric 8, times are a bit tough for some of us a the moment as tesco say every little bit helps thankyou graham.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
We currently have deals on the PRO35 due to negotiating special rates with the TM 3 not being in production. Please call the office for more information and pricing. With additional costs now being incurred on imports, I would expect to see possible price increases as we move forwards, now is the time to buy.

Best regards