Updated The old & the new

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
You can now choose the old Cleantalk look at the bottom of page without the latest posts at the top. I've named it 'clean' in the style chooser.


I know some of you wanted it back 😬

I'm going to attack this place in the coming months, I've been flat out on World of Clean for the last year.

If you have any ideas or something you'd like to see on either site, just let me know below, I try to make everyone happy but rarely succeed...

I think it's time for some video uploads on here, I'll do that soon for sure

Garry Boniface

Cleantalk Member
Not the sites Mark but I wish World of Clean would put plain backgrounds behind the directions on the product labels.

These pretty, cutting edge designs are fine but if there is slight wear, you cannot read the labels. If you want to double check things on site, it's nigh on impossible. Less fancy design, more functionally please?