Terri Mallows

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Evening everyone
My client hasn't cleaned there home for 6 years!! My next job for her is tackling the kitchen. The front of her stainless steel oven tiles are absolutely caked with grease can anyone please give me any advice on what to use to remove the grease build up

Joe Hatton

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Which elbow grease do you mean James? At one time “elbow grease” used to refer to “something you can’t buy” ie getting stuck in yourself, hard work. Now there is a product called Elbow Grease you can buy in a spray gun for between 89p-£1.25 and is very effective IMO. Available from £ shops and others. Not good to breathe in the fumes if in an enclosed area, so some protection maybe needed. I have used it, and it really does work. Did an engine bay on a car I bought couple years ago, light spray, agitation, wash away with trigger spray filled with water, job was a good ‘un.

Another alternative, Terri, if the grease is excessive is to scrape it away with a piece of soft plastic (so as not to damage the stainless steel). Then use steam to soften it and wipe away.

Jacob Ward

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May I suggest a chemical as well

When you have done the tiles you can potentially use the above product for dealing with grease and carbon buildup in other places in the kitchen.

Plus it's not a damaging to yourself as many oven and degreasing chemicals out there.

I am still going through a 5 liter tub I had a few years ago.



Terri Mallows

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Ooo Jacob will that solution not damage the front of the stainless steel sounds good. Lee I will Google Gp413. I tried the steamer and scraper but it is not nudging

Duncan McIver

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Hi Terri, what you need is yellow degreasing powder , it costs around £35 a tub and you just mix it with hot water. The tub will last for years and its brilliant .
Spare it on the stainless steel and just scrub away, then spray with glass cleaner and scrub again with cream cleaner then buff up with a microfibre cloth and it will look like new.
Should take around 10/15 minutes tops