Thinking of going out on my own

David Slaven

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I have been working for a friend oven cleaning for the last 6 months and am now able to clean 3-4 ovens a day to what I think is a good standard. However it is getting to a point where my boss may not be able to keep me employed. He had floated an idea of me leasing his second van, tank and tools and go off on my own in a more northern area. My worry is getting enough jobs for it to viable.

My question is how did you all start off, was it easy to get bookings or was it slow start. Did you need to spend alot on marketing tools or did you stick to social media and Google?

John Allton

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Worked for a Company Mon-Fri and started working for myself over the weekend and over the pandemic to gauge how much work there was. When bookings started to exceed the number of hours in the weekend i too the plunge. I do only work 3 days a week and do 3 cleans a day usually home before 2pm but gives me the income & family time i get suits me. Plus the addition of working for yourself dictating your own hours your own customers and travel distance.

Tom Wainwright

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I was in a almost identical position to you. I have just recently gone on my own after working for a friend family run business for years. It can be difficult to establish a customer base to begin with but going off in your own and earning 100% of what you take is the best thing you can do. Remember there’s no reward without risk.

As mentioned above, it may be advisable to get a part time job to cover the days where you don’t have jobs, because there will be days where you get no bookings.

Things that have helped me the most are:

Leafleting - I use vistaprint fairly cheaper and good quality.

Branding/Logo - get this right, I use for all my branding/logo design it’s excellent. Remember this is the first thing people see online, first impressions count.

Facebook ads are good but they can be costly. Same with google ads.

Social media - get this right too, Instagram/Facebook even Tiktok.

I’ve purchased a advertising few slots in well known magazines in my area.

Don’t go crazy with marketing but also remember it’s very important, set yourself a budget and try not to go over it.

Steven Johnson

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This is exactly why I stopped employing people. You train them up then they leave and set up on there own.

I tried it for 5 years then went back to working on my own.

I certainly think from feb/March next year its going to get very tough with all the inflation in the pipe line.

Best to have a second income as a back up plan.


Chris Tozer

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I worked part time for a year before going full time. Advertising wise the best outcome for expenditure I have had has been joining as many Facebook Groups in the area and advertising once a week with movies and images. I then text or email customers for reviews which in turn has got me on the best reviewed cleaners site. A website would be good also if you can get it cheap or for free, do you have any friends who could do one or can you do one. I did Yell for a year which was £50 a month and helped at the start.