Third Parties

John Allton

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I had been contact by a third party property management company (unbeknown) to me originally they wanted me to clean the same day taking the call 15:30hrs dont think so! then tried to accommodate them on the Saturday (New Business) still trying to build a name for myself. Then agreed to complete the job yesterday immediately i agreed i was asked for my public liability which aroused my spider senses of course i forward them a copy at which point the email address made it obvious they were Property Management Company. I had to go into middle of town park in car park collect the keys then go to property. Which turned out to be a gated communal flat complex. Yellow lines all around and no parking with a reasonable distance of the property fortunately a resident was leaving and allowed me to use their space. Once inside the property i inspected the oven and found seals broken. door spring broken. the roof element support was detached (unsoldered) and lying in the bottom of the oven, the whole oven light unit was hanging in the oven by the wire and the join at the back of the oven at the base was distorted & pitted. I took pics immediately packed up went bak to town parked in the car park again and returned the keys and told the Company the oven was i a poor state of repair and was not safe for me to clean. They paid an initial deposit i have wasted my time (30mins) my fuel and also my money parking fee's would you keep the deposit?.

Chris Birkett

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Yes keep the deposit. You showed up. Did all the legwork. And reported back to them that it was in an unsafe condition. I see absolutely no reason for you to have done all that for free.

It's likely they knew the condition.

Chris Birkett

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I had a similar one myself where severe and repeated cat pee had dissolved a wool carpet. 5th floor apartment. 10 minutes walk for parking. The landlord insisted it's just water and will clean up. I told him to stick his nose in it.

He asked for the deposit back. I said my job is done and bid him farewell. With his deposit still in my bank account.

Steven Johnson

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Maybe next time ask more probing questions and hopefully you will realise you need to avoid these type of people.

Personally I never do any work for letting agencies , estate agents etc. I just tell them the land lord must contact me direct then ask for details pictures etc.

Definitely keep the deposit. If the management company had done there job correct they would have known it was in such a bad state . Personally I will send them an invoice for the whole amount for wasting your time.


Colin Nash

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Not unreasonable to ask for insurance details. It's their neck on the line if all goes wrong.

However the deposit is yours. Over the years we found agents demand plenty and give little in return. I am sure this lot fall neatley into this category.. 'All the riddance' (Shakespeare) would apply here me thinks!