Tile / Grout Cleaning Pad recommendation (in stock)

Simon Wilbraham

Cleantalk Member

I have a Victor Sprite and a 17" rotary.

I notice a few pads are not in stock at the moment.

What pads do you recommend that are in stock?

Thanks in advance.


Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Depends what type of floor you are cleaning Simon but in simple terms

Hard Floor Stripping, Scrubbing & Buffing Pads 17″
Our standard floor pads are suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks on all types of hard floors. They can be used with every type of floor buffer or scrubber dryer which has the correct drive board.
  • Black (Very Abrasive) – Stripping old floor polish and sealers.
  • Red (Very Light Abrasive) – Spray cleaning & spray buffing polished floors.
  • White (Least Abrasive) – Dry buffing/agitation of delicate floor surfaces e.g. waxing or carpets.
17″ Alu Hard Floor Stripping Pad
The Stripping Alu pad is made to strip without the addition of chemicals (stripper). Thanks to the thousands of aluminium particles, it strips the floor without any problems. The pad can be used both dry and wet.

Hope this helps



Max Campbell

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The most useful thing we put on the end of our slow rotaries is a soft to medium brush. We hardly ever use pads on hard floors - from vinyl to stone - the pad skips over the surface, cleaning where it touches, whereas a soft brush works the stuff into the scratches and pits.