TM3 on tiles & vinyl?

Jon Chrimes

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Cant say I've ever tried it!
However I also cant really see it being effective in recessed grout. Ie I'm guessing you'll still need to spray / dwell / rinse and use use a grout brush. Remembering at the same time that the TM isn't a sealed unit. Not sure I'd risk it. Thoughts?

Jacob Ward

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You are right jon

Heavy moisture on the tm machines is a no go, but hey people do and people break them.

A light mist and compound will give some moisture exchange, and be able to absorb soiling from the above floor with compound.

Using a pro35/excentr with hard floor wand will spank it anyday.

My reply was missing this

Does the hard floor brush work

Does the hard floor brush work well

What methord works best for you @Jon Chrimes?