Training Course Training Course In Ni

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Dates and times update

Monday 20/08/2018 Carpets Cleaning day 1

Tuesday 21/08/2018 Carpets Cleaning day 2

Wednesday 22/08/2018 Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning

Thursday 23/08/2018 Specialist Spot and Stain Removal.

Times each day are 08.00 welcome for an 08.30 start through to 5.00pm

Please contact Solution World of clean direct to book on 01209 204343 and speak to Eammon.

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Trevor Acheson

Cleantalk Member
Great to hear the course went well Ken and co. About 12 miles from me to. Did you get a chance to see any of the nice scenery

Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
It was a very busy week there Trevor, so all I was able to do was walk around Carrickfergus in the evening. I loved the place. I'd love to return again with The Gorgeous One, hopefully next year :smile:

There are plenty of pictures on my Facebook page

Trevor Acheson

Cleantalk Member
Glad to hear the course went well Ken. It's nice down round the harbour or promonade for a walk. The Antrim Coast Road is wonderful if you ever get the chance, a top tourist attraction. All being well you's will be back in the future and more newbies trained in the industry