New Tropical Twist Carpet Deodoriser & Fragrance

Carl Weaver

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My order came Wednesday and shall be using it tomorrow morning - smells lush in the bottle, shall report back 👍🏼

James Colwell

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Had my delivery today with Tropical Twist and used on my own blinds and van seats.

Smells amazing and can't wait to see what my customers think of it.

Another fantastic product from Solutions :clap:

Darren Paterson

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Yes I love tropical twist
If enough people want it then I will look into it but I cant make it for just one person, its not cost effective

Its not just a fragrance it has to be oil free and they have sanitisers into them, our odour control products don't just have a nice smell the actively break down the malodour.


I understand
Of course I don’t expect you to make it just for me 😆
Unless you want to ? 😂

Darren Paterson

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I would be lucky if I ever even got a reply to any questions when I used to use All the Alltec cleaning stuff.
I still engage with them from time to time as I have an Alltec machine.
But even now I would be lucky to get a response to an email.
So it’s quite refreshing to have a direct line and some input with the company that I buy everything else from.

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
Tropical twist came from the amount of comments regarding shockwaves new fragrance, over the phone, in private messages etc, people were asking if they can buy it separately

I'll speed read everything posted here and on socials, then ping the person best suited to answer it. We don't miss much.

It's a big juggling act basically, 100s of questions per month come in via different ways these days... dam internet 😀

You can also buy Tropical with your own company label by the way