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Terry Miles

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I am no leather expert, and was asked to clean this chair, I declined because I wasn’t comfortable upon inspection, it was hand made at a cost of 2k apparently, it felt very smooth and almost silky to the touch.

What type of leather is it anyone


Andrew Evans

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Terry you were right to walk, that is a restoration job and not a simple clean only. I can recommend the above, and it is worth doing one of Judy's leather courses.

It has been many years since I have, I do not offer restoration but cleaning is a great add on and easy providing you know what you are looking at.

Daniel Darlow

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Just so happens that I have the (almost possibly) the exact same chair in at the moment.
Identical style and finish. The one I have been working on is far passed the cleaning situation, 2003 model Laura Ashley. The pictures you show would hardly make a difference with an aniline clean, and, if at first you applied an aniline cleaner to this leather you would either A..have a heart attack at the first effect of the medium hitting the leather, or B.. run from the property, wishing today never happened!
The back of the chair is a good guide. Unless it is in full sunlight, this is like most upholstery has never seen the light of day, so gives a good guide to the original situation. Trying to replicate something that has never been used is an art that is acquired over time.
Aniline dyed leather with grease areas like the one in the picture on the arm would be very hard to bring back to 'original', grease removal by poultice application, fine sanding, and then colouring, with either dye or pigment, or Heavens Above! a possible mixture of the two....only for the feint of heart to try.. this is Wizardry!
Customer awareness is at the fore with these jobs, you cannot promise miracles, under estimate, over achieve, is the name here, the end result though if you have prepared and taken time will always be a WOW factor.
If you wish to take a step into the Dark World of Leather, after the Cleaning Process, you can PM me.
Well done on walking away.