New Unbeatable Deal On Pro 35 Limited Number Available

John Bolton

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I understand that this is a limited batch at this price, so once they are gone they're gone.

Kashif Haq

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Hi Tim,

Its just over £56 mate, at £56, that's taking the pxxx

Nick has the brushes on offer, its appox half price on RRP.

Yes genuine sale, £59.98 + vat for pair.

Just buy some new 2L size chemicals, and get free delivery, job done.

Iv seen the brushes advertised at another website, for £118.00 + vat for the pair. Plus delivery on top. No way, forget that, I'll rather get down on my hands and knees.



Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
16 Machines now sold, theses new toys will be with the new owner from next Tuesday

If you missed this deal, and are still interested then please pick up the phone, you never know I might just be able to repeat it



Graham Bryan

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I got mine yesterday! (been on me jollies.)


Hey, there's a paint brush in the box too, could offer to stick the brush up my ar:censored:se & paint the skirting boards at the same time as performing miracles on customers 80/20's. :thumbup:

This of course is nothing new, I often will be working in the kitchen, chopping onions, washing up, loading the washing machine etc. etc. when The Boss will issue some new instructions, "clean the windows, sweep the drive, water the baskets, cut the grass etc. etc. (Lads, we've all been there, eh?)

I reply, "stick the mop up my ar:censored:se & I'll mop the floor at the same time.:helpme:

She pipes up, "oh, that's a good idea, but can you do it quietly!"

Cheeky heifer.

Terry Stormont

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My Pro arrived about two weeks ago, over the moon, it has moved our previous boundaries and limitations. Just one question Nick, can you supply the black brushes, have just secured a play school clean with hard vinyl areas ?

Peter Cooper

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You still got any left nick?

In the process of delicate negotiation with the misses, may cost me a set of new doors throughout the house, as she hates ours!!! This will end up being a £2.5k machine for me!!!