Unusual vinyl floor

Chris Woods

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Just been to look at a care home job. Part of it is this yellowish vinyl textured flooring, glued down I'm guessing. I plan to vac and then clean with STS. Not sure if rotary and pad is best option or Pro35 then pad, the texture is smooth so shouldn't snag. Any advice? The Jag will be out for the low profile carpets cos they're filthy so the blaster wand is another option...IMG_20190805_120538.jpgIMG_20190805_121019.jpg

Lake Pace

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Looks like someone inquiring me from a known firm from London potentially 3 stories.
It is a bolon flooring with spelt of paint.
I told them it is very easy wth right procedures.
Due to my other commitments I did pass the number of other known trained trade.