Van Setup - Tank Inlet

Kevin Kirk

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Can anyone advise -
I fill my 350ltr delivery tank on the van from a 750ltr filtration tank in garage,
Currently doing it by running a hose in to the van, lid off the delivery tank and fill.
Looking to fit van ports - so the fill port to the tank.... what fitting would then go on to the tank lid/fitted to tank to allow water in?
Been looking at most sites and can't seem to see what I think I need which would be a male hozelock fitting that I can fit on to the tank?

Jacob Ward

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I personally would put a small side fill valve in.

The reason is when it is full it will turn off
All you need is a small side inlet ballvalve
E.g torbec side fill

Then buy a 3/4 hosepipe connector with a 3/4 to 1/2 inch Bush and it will screw on to the thread of the ballvalve.

Then you can leave it to do its thing and not overfill it.

It's what I use on my buffet tank for steam cleaning.