Vinyl floor cleaning in a school

Jamie Biles

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Solution do them. For excentr and other rotaries. Essentially melamine pad. They also do hand-held mop/wringer type version for smaller areas.

Paul Thornton

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Hi.... scratching my head here..... I’m doing an 80m saftety flooring tomorrow morning.... I have the excentr43 and was going to just attempt with pink pads..... with either sts or groutbuster..... any advise.... also reading this post looking at the blue pads ken posted Xrmicro pad... I have 2 of those and didn’t have a clue what they are for.... sounds silly but I don’t know what they are for.... does the blue face the floor or the white spongy side?? Would I be better using this... the flooring is exactly the same as the pics at the start of this post Altro I believe.... I know it’s late but would be much appreciated if someone could advise... many thanks

Jacob Ward

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The 43 with no weights

Sts presprayed down at 1 to 40 and a pink pad will work wonders for you.

May I ask, where is this safety flooring, and what does the company do in the building ?

The XR micro pad will work (WHITE SIDE DOWN !!!)

But the grit in the altro flooring will RIP it to shreds very quickly

Pink a the way

Post some before and after pics !


Paul Thornton

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That's brilliant Jacob many thanks for the reply.... I kind of guessed white side down but I do hate to guess at things lol.... I'm not too sure what the last company used it for but it's now becoming a beauty salon.... it's very dirty just like the pics on this post.... luckily I'm picking up a key so can take my time I've loaded all my pads on my van.... isnt it wierd that I feel quite excited about doing this job lol I will sure to take some pics once again many thanks I appreciate it