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We’re all done for

Josh Taylor

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Now I’ve been banned from one of the leather repair Facebook group for sharing this in, Hope you appreciate the effort in finding these gems to make me feel better as I’m distraught :evilgrin:
I just double checked your photo. I thought it was one of those DIY pages! Is that an actual company?

Nathan Gale

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It’s a DIY shop selling leather filler to customers who don’t have a clue what they’re doing basically

Nathan Gale

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which group? haha
The one ran by the leather clinic 😂 leather repair help and all That. That for some reason has people posting from America asking about how they fix this. Like a weird Mrs hinch site. Didn’t like it anyway ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

Daniel Darlow

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Just had a guy, almost in tears, the situation, a briefcase that his wife had bought off a very good friend..
He genuinely thought he was doing the right thing by buying a shed load of stuff from a company that was more than willing to sell him a load of stuff without any qualms, to clean, balm, colour, feed, condition the leather and away he went! After he realised that he was stripping of the finish and colour , he sort of stopped.
I took a call from him while I was on a short break and he sounded as if he was near to a serious situation, no joke, he was very worried. He has travelled 60 miles to drop the case off to me in the hope that I can do something, it 'probably' can be rescued, but I do not promise miracles. Will wait and see, but it seems like this guys relationship is on the line as well.

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Getting more and more common.
We see so many handbags damaged by the promise of DIY repairs and products together with a quick look at a You Tube video - costs a lot to then restore the damage done (if it can be).

Unfortunately the unscrupulous companies that produce these products simply do not care and have absolutely no knowledge about leather - they are just in it for a quick buck.
Saw someone the other day stating that his product was a paint but that it was perfectly safe to use on an Aniline leather!

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