Well I Never Knew That!

Jon Chrimes

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Just been asked for a copy of our Health and Safety Policy for the 999th time.
Just by chance was taking a look at the HSEs web site and low and behold....

'If you have fewer than five employees you don’t have to write down your health and safety policy'

Well I never knew that!
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Steve Porter

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I've been asked once for one but like you I don't employ enough peeps but I wrote one anyway
Bit tongue in cheek (to see if they'd actually read it) entitled, "Common sense policy"
Single page of common sense practises which was fun writing
Company clearly didn't read it & got the job!!
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Andy Brown

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Thats funny but I wouldnt jeopardise a client by doing it. All you need to do is get a Facilities Manager that eats, sleeps and breathes H&S and he wont find it funny.

Eamonn OConnor

Solution World of Clean
Just because you don't have to write it down shouldn't stop you. You still need to have a policy( set of rules) to operate from and form the basis of any risk assessment/method statement you may create. If a member of staff is injured while working for you and you have not covered your back by having correct and safe working procedures in place and recorded you may still be liable.
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Garry Neilson

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You may find it is more for the clients insurance than your own side certainly if you are working in areas where they have employees or customers. They are responsible for ensuring that all contractors entering the site are safe to do so.

Daniel sturgess

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In 4 years, I have never been asked for our health and safety policy by a client, only by the likes of safe contractor and CHAS etc... when going through there process to gain their accreditations.