Window Cleaning On The Side

Daniel Paton

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The cheapest possible start is a ladder, bucket, mop and squeegee.
If it’s wfp then you’ll regret buying that ali pole.
Your body will thank you for a carbon fibre pole but If budget doesn’t allow it then get a fiberglass pole and upgrade when you can.
The most important thing is to test the tds of your water. If you live in a hard water area then you will go through a fortune in resin with that unger hydropower thing. Resin is around £80 a bag at the moment and you would burn through it very quickly.
Much much cheaper going forward with a small ro system and a di vessel to polish it off. You will need water butts or a small ibc tank to store it though.
I’d buy a Gardiner backpack and strap it to a trolley and a 25ft pole. That height should cover you for domestic no problem. You’ll also need 25 litre drums to transport it.
If an ro system is a problem then there are companies out there that sell pure water or contact all your local cleaners and ask if any will sell you water.
I could go on forever as there are many options including a diy trolley but I’ll leave it there. Good luck mate :smile:
Fire away with any other questions.

Adam Hyde

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Cheer's think I will go with the cheapest option as this will only be a side thing ladder, bucket, mop and squeegee it is.

This is just to test the waters and still if there is much interest in my current area.

Daniel Paton

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Look on YouTube for a guy in Scotland called “trad man”. You’ll learn everything you need to know about trad cleaning.
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Billy Marsh

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I also thought about doing the on the side route . But then I bumped into a guy with all the kit. He had a really nice road totalling to around 200 for the whole area but he looked the part. On the other hand I had an old chap do my windows a few years back for 10 pound he did a great job tho . I think the guy filled his bucket from the sink and it looked good.