Wood Floor Sanding Course

Andrew Evans

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The only one I know is Terry Guildfords dustless one. Think it is called the ultimate wood sanding course/company.

But there are lots if you Google it. Companies like Bona do one as do most suppliers of machinery.
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Florin Titiriga

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Joe, Yes I have come across many Wood floor jobs which I turned down or couldn't up sell. I never worried what competition will /are near me, same like I didn't worry when I started cc. There could be 100 cc in a 1 mile radius, Doesn't bother me.

Gary Richard Coles

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Terry Guildfords course is about as good as you'll get and comes with brilliant after care service.


Trainings done at Floor Skills in Solihull. As far as I know he doesn't have set dates for the next course but it's likely to be September.

I'd never touched a wood floor before his course and within 4 months it is now the main part of the business.