Wood Floor Sanding

Florin Titiriga

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Started work on this on Friday and have another day on it ( 3 days total).

Initially I thought it will be easy to sand however I had a massive shock when I started the machine, it sanded 1sqm and then nothing.... I mean nothing ! Obviously started to panick as I didn't know what was going on.. looked at the pads and they were clogged up.. cleand them and they were fine for another sqm. This would of taken me forever so decided to hire a belt sander which wasn't the best but without it I Wouldn't of managed to sand this floor. The finish was basicly melting almost straight away.

The belt sander was not removing 100% of the finish, even though I was going over it many times it wasn't doing anything. I had to use the dexter to fully sand it.

Put 1 coat or pre-lack on it and tomorrow will put 2 coats of lacquer on it.

Started on the Loft Room sanding and will finish the whole job tomorrow. 60 sqm total 20200717_085047.jpg 20200717_085019.jpg 20200717_091725.jpg 20200717_130420(0).jpg 20200717_121929.jpg 20200717_140744.jpg 20200717_124411.jpg 20200717_175811.jpg 20200717_180528.jpg 20200718_095138.jpg

Florin Titiriga

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Well pleased with the results. I was also impressed with how little products I used on 60 sqm.

6L of pre-lak
8l of 2 coats of lacquer.