Wood Nano Coating

James Roberts

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It’s not really Hard Floor but thought you guys would be the best to ask.

Anyone know of a good wood sealer? I’ve seen a lot about nano coatings,

Just spent a fortune on an Oak Farmhouse table , but also have 3 x under 4s and don’t want it wrecked!


Leigh Hall

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It depends on what sort of finish you’re after, I like boiled linseed oil on oak, it really brings out the grain. If you apply 3+ coats it and sand to a fine grit it’s hardwearing too.
Here’s my most recent build finished with BLO:


Leigh Hall

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Very nice James! An oak dining table is my next project after the summer.

Polyurethane is another option, Osmo Polyx oil is one of the top brands and also looks very nice.

Or a water based varnish if you wanted to try and keep the colour as close as possible to what it is now. Any oil based finish will darken the oak slightly.
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