Florin Titiriga

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Helped another cc/wood sander :lol: on this job. Really enjoyed doing wood and Can't wait for the busy period to be over and done with so I can start doing some marketing on wood.


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Chris Swanson

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That's an amazing job there, I would definitely hire that company to sand my wooden floor, heck, I'd even hire the photographer, he's taken some of the best pictures I've ever seen in my entire life! :lol::rofl::toofunny:
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Paul White

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Most polishes, even the cheap as chips ones can make a dull "varnished" floor look a million dollars.

However if the floor has no deep scratches or damage my advice to a potential customer would be for us to clean, key and apply a coat or two of polyurethane.
If your car bodywork was looking dull and you could take it to the body shop and get a new coat of lacquer for similar money to what a valeter would charge for waxing it, it would be a no brainer. Most would probably be willing to pay a bit more I'm sure.