Wooden floor cleaning

Gary Rendall

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Just been to a job and customer ask how much it is to clean wooden flooring and as I don't do it I don't know.
The floor has some scratches by one chair, the rest of it is just dirty.
What is the average meter price so I can give her an idea and maybe someone local may get a job

Dan Woodhead

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Does it need just cleaning or does it need restoring?

What coating is currently on the flooring?

Could the flooring be safely cleaned without disturbing the coating?

Do the scratches need repairing?

All these thing can make a huge difference to the price.

Do you have any pictures?

Paul White

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Most people that think they need their wood floors cleaning Gary are in the same mould as the ones that think their carpet that is thread bare and not been cleaned since instsalled 15 years ago might need a freshen up or a light clean. They usually need sanding like a black top needs more than a low moisture approach.