Wool Pile Rug

John Hughes

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Hi guys and girls

Looking for your advice please

A customer has an expensive faded
Wool rug
As you can see it has ligjter marks which he says is where his feet have been
As he wears slippers indoirs its not bare feet ie oil

He wants it cleaning and i would like youe amazing advise

Kindest regards
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Steve Porter

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Looks like they're trying to do a Zeiglar style with this, looks nice
Doesn't look (you still gotta test though) like anything untoward so after the prep I'd use M Power

People see the "Handmade Carpets Ltd" & believe/ assume that they're all handmade thus almost justifying the cost although the company name means nothing but is a clever marketing tool
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John Bolton

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Many Kashan style, machine-made rugs are distressed to give a vintage appearance and many a purchaser is taken in and persuaded to pay well over the odds for a cheap piece of carpet.