would you ever employ anybody

Mark Bolam

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would you ever employ anybody or is it too much hassle had a few calls last few weeks asking if i had any jobs

Trevor Ives

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It is a very big step -
Have you always got enough work for two?
How skilled do you want them?
To work on their own or work with you.
You then have the employers NI to pay as well as holiday pay.
They will want paying even if you have no work.
Will it warrant another set up including van?

How many on here work alone and how many employ others?

I was lucky - I helped a youngster to set up window cleaning and he would help me on big jobs especially night work.

Daniel Nailor

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I've had a lad working with me for the last year, I've just let him go.
I wasn't making enough £ to cover his wages/holiday pay.
He was working with me on oven & carpet jobs, but I was doing all the hard work inside the ovens. I found that there isn't a need to have someone else to do the racks as they clean themselves in the tank.
I think the only way to maximise profits is to have a second van, but they need to be bashing out 4/5 ovens per day to the right standard. And if they're any good it's likely they'll soon go solo.

Mark Bolam

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yep just what i was thinking its a non starter really unless you turn into a franchise uk wide but that will require serious resources

Allan Young

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My wife and I have been employing people for the last 15 years oven cleaning. We have 2 employees and another guy starting next month. Yes it can be a pain in the backside, but the money we make from what they bring in, more than makes up for it, it’s not for everyone. I’ve met a lot of oven cleaners who prefer to work alone, I prefer the security of knowing that if I’m not working because of illness or on holiday, money is still coming in. Managing a team involves a completely different skill set, just like any skill it takes time to develop. The thing I hate the most is turnover of staff, we’ve employed over 30 people in all this time, people come and go that is the nature of a lot of businesses these days, I’ve only had one guy leave to set up on his own, and to be honest good luck to him.

Steven Johnson

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I tried 3 people years ago gave up in the end. One left and set up on his own. The other was a waste of space and the other one never came back off holiday from thialand cost me a grand.

I decided to give up in the end. I now give a few days of work to the guy that trained me and charge him per job.

No hassle as he has been cleaning ovens for 18 years and knows how to handle any situation.

Much prefer to just pick and choose which jobs I want to do now.


John boyd castel

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A lot of customers like the owner operator, boils down to trust, I have a job at a childrens hospice and they know me and trust me on site same with people leaving you in while there out.

Quite a few years back when we ran as a partnership we employed 15 people doing everything from kitchen cleans to large caravan sites to be honest I wouldn’t go back only got my self to think of and if I’m on holiday I have a really good guy who’s semi retired who covers for me.

We had guys steeling from us, using our gear to do private jobs and one that stole from a customer.

you spend your time dealing with the hassle they create for you.

Duncan McIver

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Not for me , i have done it several times over the years but the hassle is to much . A lot of customers think that anyone new doesn't do the job to the same standards as you , plenty said to me , no i only want you.
Never mind all the extra calls , texts ect ect.
Far happier on my own during busy periods i just give new customers the number of a new oven cleaner which helps them get established.
Over the years four of my CUSTOMERS have started oven cleaning so i wouldn't be in a rush to train someone up just for them to leave and start up on their own.