Xmas Spotters & Odour Neutralisers

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
We are doing the own label spotters & odour neutralisers with a optional christmas label this year, I didn't think it would be popular, I was wrong as usual.

It's not on the website to pick but you can leave a note when ordering own labels, phone in etc

They look like this, similar to the normal festive fragrance, easy way to make 8 quid more a job

festive - spotter.jpg festive - fragrance - own.jpg

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
Will they still work in the New Year?
Noooo, they explode on the 31st. Try at least one upsell of something every job 😁 you'll make an easy 2-10+ grand a year for literally doing nothing.

My little routine was to wait until the customer was paying and do a couple squirts of fragrance while they had a look at the sofas etc, 'oh by the way we sell these in half litres if you like the smell' Easy...

For protection I used to pre dip half my business cards in nano and ask the customer to put it under a tap. Again, makes it easy and even had it printed on the back to put it in water.

Own labels and stain protection are hidden gems in this industry, the nearest thing for us to print money 💰 Leaving money on the table everyday unless you try

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
8 weeks till xmas, so thats two a week to sell, you can do it 😉 Ask over the phone if you want a special

Most people this week have been buying 15 xmas with 15 normal, we even have quite a few that buy 60+ every month, selling them to to care homes, hotels in cases etc

Over the phone we sell sts, nitro, chewing gum remover own label, pretty much anything you want with your logo if you can sell it