Florin Titiriga

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I'm well pleased with the results on this Yorkstone. Customer could not believe the difference and they wanted to take it out because jet washing was not working.....


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Florin Titiriga

Cleantalk Regular
This was laid down about 10 years ago and has only been jet washed by diy machines. With time black spots (lichen) appeared. I tried to jet was it myself with a 13hp Honda however it was doing little to nothing to it. Sodium hypochlorite (industrial bleach) was applied. 2nd picture is how it looked after Sodium hypochlorite. Then I jet washed it and applied more Hypo to it and then I rinsed it away with a garden hose.
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Terry Miles

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I Assume this is not the one you buy off Amazon Florin, impressive results though :smile:
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Jacob Ward

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I know.

Bit late to this oxidising party Tadgh ?

@Krzysztof Lis
Usually you would go in with a 5% mix
1 litre of SH to 2 litres of water

However if you have no previous experience with this i would not recommend using this.