'your oven cleaner' on facebook

Joe Sharpe

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They advertise heavily on FB, anyone heard of them? Do they book cleans and get oven cleaners to so them for 20 quid and keep the rest?
Absolutely nailing FB, i am in leicestershire so wondering if they advertise all over?

Curt Holl

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They keep coming up on my FB feed also, never seen them about, so ill assume they outsource the work. I'm in Leicestershire also.

Duncan McIver

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I am a friendly bloke , if i see another oven cleaner i wonder across and say hello to them . I never worry about them there's plenty of ovens for everybody.
If they're not doing a proper job or are charging too much they wont be around for long.

Darren Paterson

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I’m selling a few items online on a few of the selling sites & came across a few carpet upholstery & oven cleaners offering there price lists & services 😮 30389 30390

Paul W Johnson

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I never worry about what others charge and never have checked. Do a good job and you'll get repeat customers.
That lady in Markfield this week was really pleased with your work
Hopefully your getting some of my recommendations, I keep giving your number out.