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Daniel Darlow

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As the Leather posts have been a bit on the thin side lately.
Here is a small piece of interest regarding the resilience of Leather.
Long story short, I was contacted from an enquiry from my website regarding a clean of a leather bag, this is no ordinary bag I was told, apart from being an anniversary present some 40 odd years ago , this was made from some special leather.
This bag was made from the recovered leather of a ship that was sunk in 1786!
The ship was the Metta Catharina and was exporting Russian leather, furs and timber and hemp.
Russian leather was at the time tanned with a secret method which died with time, but this leather was coated with Birch oil which proved it somewhat waterproof and insect repellent.
The wreck was of the coast of Plymouth and divers found rolled and tied hides of this reindeer hide, which as owned by the Duchy of Cornwall permission was given to remove a certain amount of the find which was commercialised to pay for further searches.This bag which was purchased 40 odd years ago and has been in constant use by a member of the Clergy has now been given to me to help its life further, no colouring is required, as the patina of the fading is complimentary. As well as this bag the Father has a few more to deal with!
Love this job, the smell, the feel, the history, the knowledge, the learning.

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John Bolton

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It is a truly remarkable leather to have survived nearly a century of seawater and 40 years of constant use.

It is an honour and a privilege to be entrusted with its care.
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Alby Gill

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Thank you for sharing a remarkable piece of history, fantastic story.
What an honour to work on it.
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