Polyester Rug.

Matt Belfield

Cleantalk Member
Asked to clean a 100% polyester rug which a customer had a go at with a vax diy carpet cleaner. It smelled damp a musty and I cannot for the life of me get the damp smell away.

Steps taken were:
1-beat and vac to death (my garage floor is about 3 inches deep in dust

2- Prespray with Mpower and agitate with tm3 with soft brushes then leave to dwell for 1 hour.

3. rinse using stair tool and crystal rinse (I know it’s not necessary but I like to use it)

I put a fan on it to speed dry but it it still smells musty. Is there more I can do to combat this?



John Bolton

Cleantalk Team
With tufted rugs the odour can emanate from the latex compound, especially if the proportion of filler material is high. Eliminating the odour requires the compound to be flooded but poor compounds may be damaged by over-wetting.

Time and good ventilation is the safest further treatment but a good spray of Natural Odour Neutraliser can help.

One thing that I am yet to try but theoretically stands a good chance is to treat with Solution Prozyme. I have had good results in the past with a bioenzymatic product which is no longer available, but with this type of product do not expect an instantaneous result.