Spencer Davies

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Phil, if you choose to make the 'cap fit' then
good for you.

'I think that feedback given is a little hard for some people to accept', a statement made on
my thoughts, thats why it opens with, 'I think'
I am amazed that you can turn that around into putting words into peoples mouth's.

I suppose if you look hard enough, you can squeeze a little negativity into any comment made!

Phil Marlor

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So who has found it hard to accept.
Certainly not me, why should I or any one else.

I have an open mind to anything thats good.


Nick Robertson-Vousden

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Hi All

In point of fact I actually did the job with Goron I have been away with the little people over in Ireland for a few days so was not aware of this post until I came back today.

Mike I agree with your drying times post, but it was actually dry in around 30 minutes, 5 or ten miuntes either way, the customer was impressed as he said he had been the manager from the day the site opened and this was only the second clean in 8 years, (not sure why I thought they were contracted to be cleaned more often.)

I places the carpets were black and shiny with some pretty bad spillages as well. The machine performed very well, As the majority of the time Goron runs a truck mount, its nice to know he was impressed with a protable.

If this reads like an add I'm not going to apologise, its simply a personal take on the job and advantageous to any-one looking to upgrade at the any time

Best regards Nick

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Ian Gourlay

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What I would be interested in is what size area was cleaned in six hours.

Was Micro Splitters or alleg stop used any other chemicals. To break down Black areas etc

Did you use driers

What aggitation. Power brushes etc

Did you Pre Vac

How many other people on job.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Ian

Pre vac warm MS prespray no2, agitated with Agimac ( E40) then rinsed off at 250psi hot water rinse, other chemicals used Solution no3 spotter and Eco spotter, and some NO6 chewing gum remover

size was 2000sf, on multi levels with a very large amount of furniture making some of the areas quiet difficult to access do to space.

Oh and Chris, Size 7 and size 9 :lol:

Hope this helps

Best regards Nick

huw d rees

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Hi Nick,

Are you saying that it's possible to run the two power leads for the scorpion and the heater plug from such a generator? Or am i getting confused...?



Nick Robertson-Vousden

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Hi Huw

Double checked you could run the whole machine or the heater on 5 Kva to run the heater as well you would need 7Kva,

Sorry for the confusion

Hope this helps

Best regards Nick

huw d rees

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Hi Nick,

I think that's what i'll go for as it would mean the best of both worlds. Van mount for houses with advantage of no leads and quick set up, and portable for all the large apartment blocks we do.

Will do a search for prices on a 7kva now, will ring tomorrow, if I finally decide what's going inside my empty van!

Trevor Ives

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I have a 6 kva diesel genny which came from another business I had. We use it for backup at home as we live in the sticks on the end of a long overhead line and have power cuts at the drop of a hat.
It makes an incredible noise and makes a tm seem quiet, its ear muffs within 20 ft.
I use orange caravan power leads with 16a connectors on my machines. I have 2* 3mt and 2*25 mts. The long ones give plenty of power as they are considerably heavier than standard extentions. We sometime have to run a lead to a lower floor in offices as the rings wont carry enough for the mc on the same level. A lot cheaper and quieter than a genny to run or buy.


Alan Harrison

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Lending out products that you want to sell is a great selling technique. ( With the exception of cheese items) I use it all the time in my business. Obviously you have to be confident about your product. Clients are always impressed that you are willing to trust them with thousands of pounds worth of stuff. Even if the demo is unsuccesful you can bet that your benevolent gesture will be the mentioned at every opportunity. For any business a happy customer is worth at least a weeks press advertising.

Of course you have to get it right. The garage next door to my shop has just taken on the Subaru agency. They gave me the keys to one of those bright blue ones with a wing on the back. I drove it half a mile and noticed the fuel guage was on empty. I turned round and drove back to the garage and ran out of petrol just as I turned into the car park. (they're offering £3000 worth of free petrol if you buy one now)

Elfyn Rees

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Keep posting your oppinions lads.:clap:
It's the only way that a c/c like myself, living in a remote location can form an oppinion. It would be totally impractical for me to borrow a piece of equipment.
If someone disagrees with your oppinion they are perfectly entitled to voice their oppinion on this board.:doh: